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Everything  begin with a story...

Our started in 2007 with flour water and a wood fired oven


Real Pizza and the art of the Pizzaioli (maker of pizza) requires much experience and training. At La Fiamma, only those with real grit get at the oven.

La Fiamma belongs to La Federazione Italiana Pizzaioli Nel Mondo.

Our Pizza is made by following a strict discipline & set of rules set by La Federazione.Pizzerias that belong to this organisation must use  wood-burning oven to a blistering 400 degrees. La Fiamma utilises the same age old techniques that Napolitan & Sicilian masters use to create a truly authentic pizza. The world’s finest San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and top-secret sour dough form the foundation of the pizza, but the true craft is in mastering the wood fired oven


The way we handle our pizza makes it unique amongst others. Our levain (sourdough or lievito madre) was born in  2007.


Since then , every day, we refresh it with fresh  flour & sterilised water. This is the simple recipe that keep our sourdough "alive".  


Buffalo Mozarella

Crispy Crust 

Extra Virgin Oil

Fresh Basil

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